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July 28th, 2008, 08:23
     - I'm hardly known as a man of few words, but I am occasionally left speechless.
     - So it was with quiet disbelief that I first received an emailed invitation to submit copies of the
"Snowball In Hell" CD to the CBC Library in Winnipeg. It couldn't have come at a better time, as we had just recently released the single "Sing" to Manitoba radio stations, as well as to a few stations in the United States and Alberta. I suppose it's a well-kept secret that we'd been getting radio airplay in Nova Scotia since before spring.
     - While I answered phone calls informing me that the single was being heard on the radios of friends and friends-of-friends, I was opening my mail, which included a fat parcel that had come from
Ottawa. I could only assume that I was being audited.
     - Instead, it was a request (actually, more of an official governmental command) to send a copy of the
"Snowball" CD to Archives and Library Canada (which was formerly known as The National Library of Canada), for "legal deposit of sound recording" for inclusion amongst other published artistic works considered part of the Canadian national heritage. While it's not an award, and it's not the Order of Canada, I can still see it as a recognition of my hard work, and also as an accomplishment, albeit one of which I can hardly consider myself worthy. Thankfully, as co-producer on the album, Andrew gets to share the distiction with me. Better still, so does Stone Angel Records, and because I based the label out of Neepawa, my hometown gets mentioned in the entry as well.
     - Those of you who've been paying attention already realize that we've been cursed with weather-related cancellations & delays all year. As such, the
National CD Release Concert scheduled for Coronation Park in Winnipeg on June 29th was postponed until July 11th, and then replaced with the debut of our acoustic duo show (see photo below) at the Legion Hall on Marion Street, which has now become the permanent poor weather location for the remainder of 2008's "Groovin' The Grove Concert Series" shows. Meanwhile, thanks to our relationship with the promoters, The National CD Release Concert will now take place at Coronation Park on my birthday, August 1st, with Swingin' Johnsons and Not In Service. We may be adding a second show at a night club to be announced.
     - Hampered by even more inclement weather, performances scheduled for both this past 
Saturday & Sunday at Riverbend Park in Neepawa during the 12th Annual Lily Festival and the Homecoming 125th Anniversary of the Town of Neepawa were replaced with a short set in the Yellowhead Arena (see photo above). While the crowd was hardly our target demographic, our spirits were lifted by a few young people in attendance. You can read all about these experiences and more regularly-updated news in the blog on our MySpace page.
     - Meanwhile, one of the most meaningful parts of the
Yellowhead Arena performance was that it allowed us to finally showcase the talents of newest drummer German Suarez, "new" even though he's been with us for months now. German (pronounced "Herman") is originally from Columbia, and both he and his husband Dave Aubel (from Pittsburg, PA) have become welcome additions to the band's entourage.
     - Now, I could spend the next few paragraphs discussing in great detail the latest venture that I've entered into... except that it's been ongoing for over seven months now, so in some ways it's hardly news. Back in the winter, a non-musician friend of mine approached me with the idea for a business that would cater to the various needs of both the musician and also the music fan, and even provide a performance venue for new & established artists. Numerous delays (primarily involving location) proved costly in both time and money, and while the business may not officially open for some time, a preliminary debut will take place in public next week at
Rockin' the Fields of Minnedosa. Rest assured that this venture, by design, will not infringe upon any other business even remotely similar, but instead will now hopefully serve to enhance all others. Such will be FlashBack Music & Collectables.
     - At this time we're securing sponsors for the upcoming promotional campaign and live   tours in support of the
CD and its singles. Like everything in life, it takes time, and changes in both on- and off-stage personnel can be anticipated. That's the nature of this project, although it should be pointed out that there hadn't been any real changes in over five years. As always, I personally thank everyone who's been involved at any time, as this has always been a solo project that continues to rely on the assistance of others.
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Dr. Alan Gillies
    - Before I go, I should also mention that we've now secured national Canadian network radio exposure for "Sing", and international with satellite radio & podcasts. More on that, and everything else, as things develop.
     - God bless. Stay tuned and stay in tune...
Alan Gillies, Ph.D.
The National Library and CBC Winnipeg
Snowball In Hell CD
Acoustic Show Debut, St. Boniface Legion Hall, Winnipeg, July 11th, 2008
Yellowhead Arena, Neepawa, July 20th, 2008
Andrew Cochrane
Alan Gillies
Elio Simone
German Suarez
Elio Simone
German Suarez
Alan Gillies
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